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Welcome to the wiki. We’re a collaborative community website designed to mark, categorize, catalog & archive info on the #ComicsGate movement. We seek to get all sorts of info about it & organize it accordingly in a chronological, topical & orderly manner.

Basic Guidelines:

  • This is not a place for posting threats, harassment, or personal info. This is a place for documenting when people have been threatened, harassed, and doxxed, and any evidence as to who might have been responsible.
  • Do not take sides. Post the facts. Post the explanations of the facts by anyone in a position to know the facts.
  • Allegations are not facts. They are allegations. Somebody alleged them. Say who made the allegation. Attempt to trace the allegation to its original source. List all of the evidence for and against the allegation. Describe the response to the allegation if it was notable.

Take care & welcome aboard

What is ComicsGate?

ComicsGate (or #ComicsGate) is a online discussion promoting the idea that the comic book industry (especially as represented by publishers Marvel and DC) is overly saturated in promoting political messaging that is meant to appeal explicitly to a demographic that is not interested in the medium, to the detriment of the existing consumer base

Latest activity

Youtube is where the main Discussion is happening. Please Check Our Video Library